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Indie Team Game Project 36-3994

Emerging Forms Game Project is the first stage in the Emerging Forms senior/capstone sequence of the Game Design Major, continuing in Emerging Forms Game Studio the following semester. In this production course students begin work on multiple small to medium sized game concepts in the emerging areas of mobile, serious/simulation, web, alternative or experimental games, or game mods. Students are exposed to project management, art and sound, technical, and design pre-production techniques and requirements, both technical and documentary.

Prereqs: PREREQUISITES 36-2000 Media Theory and Design 2 C -- AND -- 36-2402 Linear and Nonlinear Sound C -- OR -- 36-3086 Character Design & Modeling 1 C -- OR -- 36-3250 C -- OR -- 36-3550 Game Document Development C

Coordinator : Tom Dowd Tdowd@colum.edu
Students will be able to...
  • work with instructors to create a Milestone Schedule and deliverables list for their projects. 
  • apply proper evaluative techniques for making changes to the production schedule based on the current and projected status of the project. 
  • balance artistic vision with pragmatic decision making and learn how making informed, smart decisions early saves time, money, and stress later in the production cycle. 
  • create preliminary and/or prototype designs, code, and art with an eye toward leveraging as much of this early work into subsequent projects. 
  • demonstrate at least one completed game project and the concept for a second, or present an in- production medium sized game project. 
  • take the preliminary design or game concept and break it down from the perspective of each concentration and generate tasks and a valid working plan. 
  • understand and execute a small scale or rapid development game production including preproduction and production, documentation, scheduling, and test plans. 
  • use project management and coordination software, such as version control software, Sharepoint workspace and Microsoft Project (or similar). 
  • work on their assigned tasks throughout the production cycle, as well as participate in testing and critical evaluation and analysis of their progress and the overall project. 

  • Capstone Projects 2012

    Fear|Less:: an Indie game http://iam.colum.edu/studentwork/indie/fearless/

    Broken: an Indie game

    play @ http://iam.colum.edu/students/reuben.golovin/Webplayer/webplayer.html

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